Chic Brush Set of Marble Handle Brushes-Multi-Purpose Luxurious Looking Brushes

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Are you someone who looks for products that give a professional feel to your space? If yes, then this pack of 10 marble brushes is the right pick for you. Professionals have designed this set with 10 high-quality and stunning brushes. It includes all the essential face and eye brushes that one requires to complete a full face of makeup. The brushes feature incredibly soft bristles that don’t irritate the skin and load maximum product for an excellent color payoff. These brushes provide a uniform application that will enhance your features and make you look flawless. 

The handles of these brushes are comfortable to hold. This allows you to apply products without facing any difficulty. With a chic marble design, these brushes instantly elevate the look of your makeup collection. Pick this stunning and functional set for yourself, or for someone who loves makeup just as much.


  • Set of 10 essential brushes that blend makeup smoothly to give a flawless finish
  • Luxurious looking and eye-catching marble design
  • High-density bristles apply the product evenly and provide maximum coverage
  • Specially designed handles to offer a better, sturdy grip
  • Ideal for personal and professional use


  • Color: Marble