Cutlery Set – Add Colorful Bricks to Your Kitchen!

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This refreshingly new idea to make the cutlery attached together in a creative way is something one actually looks for. It is usually difficult to sort out spoons, knives, and forks amongst a bunch of them. With the colorful Lego bricks, it becomes easy to sort out and place them together. The bundled set is easy to carry along for outdoor purposes, travel, trips, and picnics or even for the backyard. The bricked handle allows it to have a nice grip by children and the toddler alike. 

Their best usage comes for Tiffin packs for kids where they can easily fit into the Tiffin box in a compact fashion. Also with different colors, it identifying and picking up the right thing comes handy. One can even take it along to the office for easy eating. 


  • A cutlery set of three items- a fork, a knife, and a spoon
  • Comes with LEGO bricks attached in spite of handle
  • They can be attached together to take the set together always
  • It is a great tool for kids
  • Saves time and energy to sort the individual spoons and knives and then place it for individual plate


  • Available Colors: Red / Blue / Yellow