Fidget Spinner with LED – Let’s Spin!

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Do you like fidget spinners for relieving stress and anxiety? Here's a fidget spinner with LED lights and an ultra-smooth spin. Doesn't it sound great? This fidget spinner can help you guide your thoughts and dig deeper into them. It is also known to help generate fresh ideas as it clears the mind and relieves stress. You can use a single hand or both hands to spin the LED fidget spinner and enter a state of mindfulness.

It is time you spin to a healthier mind! Just put your fingers at the center of the LED fidget spinner and spin it while you strike it continuously using the other hand.


  • Made of ABS, which is a highly durable material
  • Fidget spinner with LED which lights up
  • Available in attractive colors that you can choose from
  • An excellent tool for relieving stress and anxiety


  • Material: ABS
  • Available Colors: Black / Blue / Red / White