Matte Liquid Lipsticks- Gives Your Lips a Seamless Wrinkle-Free Look!

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Get that seamless matted perfect look with our matte liquid lipsticks. Make your pouts wrinkle-free without taking away your lips' moisture. These are hydrating and moisturizing too. You will get that sought after velvety matte surface on your lips which is non-stick and does get rubbed off. These have a simple liquid lip-gloss applicator which quite smoothly glides on your delicate lips without leaving any sticky residue.

There are plenty of exciting colors available for you to choose from. There are bursting and vibrant shades of pink like fuchsia, light pink, pretty in pink, TGIF, mauve, brick red and many more. So, go through the entire range and choose whichever you want or like whichever matches your taste or suits your style.

These are waterproof and long-lasting too. These last for about 8 hours and could be called as easy-on-the-go lipsticks. Besides, you get the bold and sexy look without losing your innocent charm and without damaging your soft lips.


  • Get that seamless matte finish on your lips
  • Super easy to apply as it has a simple liquid lip gloss applicator which glides on your lips
  • These lipsticks are non-stick, so they don’t leave any residue behind after application and also don’t get rubbed off
  • Forget the hassle of reapplying your lipstick after every few hours because these matte liquid lipsticks are long lasting up to about 8 hours
  • These are waterproof, so eat whatever you like, kiss or do anything with your lips but your matter liquid lipstick will stay intact
  • Vibrant and bursting shades of pink to choose from


  • Available Options: Fuchsia / Light Pink / Glamorous / Electric / Bubblegum / Coral / Pretty in Pink / TGIF / Burgundy / Fiesta / Mauve / Brick Red / Bold / Charming / Hot Pink
  • Type: Lip Gloss
  • Net weight: 5gm