Lollipop Sponge 2 in 1 Brush- Makes Makeup application easier!

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The lollipop sponge brush would perhaps make the most exciting addition to your makeup brushes collection. It has an adorable appearance and dual purpose. It is a two-way brush, one end has a brush, and the other end has a sponge. This multi-purpose brush can be used for applying and blending your make up. The brush side can be used for blush and powder, and the sponge can be used for foundation and concealer. We all know how useful a blending sponge is. A blending sponge blends your makeup perfectly and makes it seem natural. But the blending sponge can't alone complete your makeup. For powders and some specific applications you need a brush while for liquid-based stuff like concealers and foundation, nothing can do the job better than a sponge. 

This lollipop sponge brush looks just like a pink lollipop. The handle is of rose gold hue, the sponge is pink in color, and the brush strands are white with pink ends. It makes a fancy makeup utensil and is a perfect gift for a girl.


  • Multi-purpose brush with one end having a brush and the other a blending sponge
  • The sponge is for concealer and foundation, and the brush is for powder and blush
  • Makes makeup application more comfortable and faster
  • The sponge is pink in color, and the brush is white with pink ends
  • The design is compact and can be easily carried around
  • Cute and attractive look with high effectiveness and uniqueness


  • Handle Color: Rose Gold
  • Brush Color: White and pink
  • Sponge Color: Pink