Magic Pen – Unleash Your Creativity like Never Before

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Do you wish to unleash your creative self? Upgrade your crafts with the magic pen. It features a diamond-infused oscillating tip which oscillates at a speed of 9000 RPM and helps engrave objects. The pen can be used to engrave on any surface. The pen uses 2 AA batteries to work. You can use it just like a normal pen to engrave surfaces.

The fun part is that you can now personalize all your belongings. From a simple ballpoint pen to trophies and eggshells, the magic pen can be used to write or draw on anything.


  • Engraving pen tool for creating beautiful crafts
  • The magic pen allows you to engrave on any surface
  • You can personalize all your belongings and never lose them again
  • It has a diamond-infused tip which oscillates very fast to engrave the objects
  • Use it simply just like any other pen


  • Weight: 0.1Kg