Magnetic Air Vent Mount – Keep Your Phone Where You Can See It & Enjoy Easy Navigation!

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The magnetic phone mount is a minimal product to keep your phone in front of your eyes. The mount holds the phone from falling into the driver's seat, or worse, on to the car floor. All you need to do is push the holder into the air vent of the car. The device does not clamp or hold your device, but it is only the magnetic force that keeps your phone in place. Hence, there are not even the slightest chances of getting your phone scratched or damaged in any way.

You could easily take a look at the GPS Navigation through your phone or listen to music hands-free. Another advantage of this product is you do not have to fix it in your car using some sticky glue. It fits into the air vent and is super-convenient to use.


  • Universally compatible and easy to use
  • Firmly mounts on any car’s air vent
  • The magnetic mount keeps the phone in place
  • Prongs are rubber-coated and hence incapable of scratching the phone


  • Color: Black