Wine Aerator Decanter Pourer – The Perfect Home Bar Accessory!

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The wine aerator decanter pourer is the unmatched tool and perfect for your wine-time. It is an aerator meant to aerate, pour and enhance the taste off your wine by multiple times. One can hear the slight noise while it is being aerated. A simple, efficient and awesome tool to up the ante and making your wine from simple to outstanding! The whole process itself awes you and makes the drinking experience a stupendous one. 

The wine aerator decanter pourer gives a handful of flavor to your wine. This wine decanter not only gives air to your wine but also enhances its flavor five times. Your wine needs to breathe. Enjoy your wine with the pourer to its extreme level by putting the aerator on top of the wine bottle and pour your wine into your glass. 


  • The easiest method of pouring and aerating the wine 
  • Gives a fabulous flavor and taste to your wine
  • Designed with an acrylic pouring spout with air intakes that pull air into the wine 
  • Softens the tannins in the wine and reduces the sulfite content, so you can savor the wine's full bouquet of flavor


  • Material: Plastic
  • Package includes one piece
  • Size: 14. 7 * 2. 2 cm